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About Me

I'm Rachel, and I'm passionate about teaching people new things.

Both art and technology can be intimidating and it's my mission to help break down those walls.

Why do I want to do this? 

I was a techno-neophyte in my early 20s. I realized the professional world was going to leave me behind.  After opening my mind to the possibilities of what technology could help me do and then learning everything I could, it changed my life.

And art? Well, its the most pure expression of the human experience. Experiencing art can foster human connection. Art is a vehicle for dialogue; it helps us get to know and learn about people from walks of life that might vary greatly from our own. 


As a content strategist and instructional designer, I work to understand technology (services & products) and then teach others to do the same and then communicate that understanding. I focus on usability, scenarios, and real-life benefits.

As an art advisor, curator, and arts professional, I try to create a comfortable dialogue. I use juxtaposition, comparison, and contextualization to educate.

Other Strengths

  • Project management (Agile, SCRUM)
    • Experience: Web / Tech, Training, General business
    • Speciality: Managing for efficiency
    • Education: NYU
  • Team leadership and management
    • Experience: Managed teams upward of 14

Name: Rachel R. Blackman

Current home base: Fort Worth, TX

Myers-Briggs: INFJ 

Chinese zodiac: Wood Ox

Astrological sign: Libra-Scorpio cusp